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Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Lately on Instagram...
 1, 2, 3 & 4: I'm determined to be organised with family birthdays this year, so every couple of months I get ALL of the presents ready for the next few months, wrap them, pack them up and post them off.  And to save money on postage (Australia Post is a killer now!) I'll send all of the family member's presents in one parcel with instructions not to open until the big day(s)!  Usually I start off the year with good intentions, but by about now my enthusiasm has fizzled and the poor people with second half of the year birthdays miss out.  So far, it's working...
 1. My little house elves are finally paying off! ** 2. Tommy happily obliges to a quick trim at the family salon after he helped Jaron buy a new pair of clippers. ** 3 & 4. Cute face (and arm) painting.
 1. Big and little Tommy are smitten when they get to meet and jam with Lorin Nicholson - an inspirational blind guitarist. Little Tommy now wants a guitar for his birthday. ** 2. Lil gets clever and devises a sign so that "when you ask me to do stuff I can just hold it up!" ** 3. Smallies read together. ** 4. We took a little pre-baby trip to Hobart and the highlight was the hotel room and swimming pool!
1 & 2. Seems like there have been family birthdays galore in the last month with more to come in the next few weeks. On Sunday we celebrated both Jaron and little Nancy - I'll share the recipe for Jaron's triple chocolate mousse cake topped with fresh and chocolate-coated raspberries tomorrow!

Monday, 1 April 2013


A peek into some of our Easter festivities through Instagram:
 1. We were secretly "egged' by some unknown friends ** 2. Bunny origami (here) ** 3. Bunny garland (here) ** 4. We made chocolate easter nests to give to friends.
 1. Heavenly homemade hot-cross buns ** 2. An impromptu Easter tree on the table ** 3. Box-play keeps them busy on a school-free day ** 4. Chillin'
 1. Easter gifts in the mail from Great-Aunty Jenni ** 2, 3 & 4. More Easter gifts in the mail from Aunty Carli (lots of busy craft going on!)
 1. The traditional Easter PJs were finished in the nick of time ** 2 & 3. Easter Bunny came! 4. 1 hour after Easter Bunny came...L-R: Oscar, Lil, Tommy. I was always Tommy growing up and used to hate it when Filipa would pull her Easter stash out 1 month later!

Sunday, 17 February 2013


My life lately through the eyes of Instagram (join me here)...

1 & 2. I turned 31 and celebrated with the fam, a yummy dinner cooked by Mum & Dad, cutest cake ever by Sam and marshmallow salad for desserst (my special request, cream is important to me during this pregnancy!) ** 3. We bought a new car and are now officially ready to have 4 children - eek! I'm slowly getting used to driving a big car and changing my mindset to automatic after driving a manual for my whole life. The kids are loving the extra room. Oh, and we need to sell our old car - anyone want it? ** 4. We are having the most beautiful weather this Summer and making the most of lots of picnics, BBQs and swims at the beach.
 1. Trampolining is becoming a regular after-dinner event. ** 2. We had a good laugh when we discovered that Dad was tucking his guitar into bed while Mum was away on holidays! ** 3 & 4. Lots of demolition, re-modelling and hard yakka takes place as my brother-in-law gets ready to open a new gym in town.
 1. 2. & 3. I joined in on the scrappy-trip along craze and started sewing a few blocks just for fun - it will be ages until I have finished but I'm enjoying a quiet little project on the side. ** 4. Lil gives me amazing pedicures which involves opening at least 10 bottles of nail polish and takes over half an hour!
And the biggest hit of the week was this fun, impulse Family Home Evening activity - The Great Malteaser Slide Roll...catching it in your mouth is not as easy as it looks and those little malteasers can build up a lot of speed their way down, resulting in a cut lip for Oscar!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


To say our Summer break has been action-packed is an understatement! It feels like just a few short weeks ago that school was ending for the year, and now we are getting ready for the kids to start back again next week.

We have been blessed with lots of family visits, perfect weather and the beautiful nature that surrounds us to make the most of our Summer holidays.

Whilst I haven't been as dutiful at taking photos as I would like to be, I am very grateful for the convenience of my iPhone and Instagram to help me capture some of our special moments. 

We've spent time exploring our local national park with Ranger John. This man is a wealth of knowledge and easily captures the attention of both adults and children alike. If you're ever in town, pay him a visit! * A few movies have been seen - Les Mis being my absolute favourite...wear waterproof mascara! * Lots of twilight BBQs at the park and river mouth fishing. * A rare morning sleep in followed by cuddles in bed until 8:30am. (I can guarantee that as soon as school starts again and we need to be organised, somehow their body clocks will change and their early mornings will turn into sleep ins!)
A brisk New Years Eve walk on the beach followed by one crazy family disco. We did have fun. * Bushwalks at National Parks and Leven Canyon with visiting family.
Many a river swim in a beautiful river taking us back to our childhood when we would swim in the river with Pop and a squealing Nan! * Farm visits with Bruce and Rhonda - one of our favourite country places to be.
Beach picnics. * Renovation rescue begins at Move Strong Gym. * We get an abundance of delicious plums from our trees this year. * Fun watching brothers and sisters tackle new parenthood! * Growing baby bumps. * Lil decides that sewing is cool. * Annual blueberry pick takes place and I get bitten by two very nasty jack jumpers on my back!
And that is a brief summary of family happenings over the last month! It's been a lot of fun and I'm not ready for school to go back yet...making the most of our last week of freedom together!

(If you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is make_it_perfect.)

P.S. And don't forget, if you haven't already gone to have a sticky beak - make sure you head over to Fabric2Go ASAP! And use the discount code Make It Perfect to receive 15% off your order until 31st January EST!!!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

.Instagram: May Photo A Day #1.

I've been playing along with the Instagram May Photo A Day Challenge (via Fat Mum Slim).  It's been a fun way to take random photos of things around here.  I'm loving taking photos on my phone - it's a convenient way to capture memories that I wouldn't be able to if I don't have my camera handy.  I thought you might like to see the photos I've taken for the first half of the challenge...
1. Peace - this is my one child-free weekly work day...sometimes stuck at the computer and sometimes in front of the sewing machine.  Trackies and slippers make it comfy!
2. Skyline.  Driving home from the shops.  I love where I live.
3. Something you wore today.  My new pink jumper.
4. Fun!  This is where it all happens - the playroom/sewing room.
5. Bird.  My logo.
6. You.  After a refreshing Sunday afternoon nap!
7. Someone that inspires you. My dear cousin - I love this reminder on my fridge to live life to the fullest.
8. A smell you adore.  Anything baking!
9. Something you do everyday.  I'm obsessed with checking the weather forecast multiple times a day!
10. A favourite word. Pray.
11. Kitchen.  My kitchen at a random moment through the day.
12. Something that makes you happy.  When the kids play (or cook!) with Dad.
13. Mum.  My Mum with Lil and Nancy.
14. Grass. My toes were freezing!
15. Love. With my love.

(a note about my Instagram account...I'm mindful of social media taking up way too much of my time, so my Instagram account has been set to private and I'm not following many people or allowing many followers on my account - mostly because I know I'll get addicted and spend too much time on it if I do!!  So please don't be offended if I don't allow you to follow me.  I'll share pics on my blog from time to time though.)
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